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Badam Burfi
Authentic South Indian Milk Based Sweet with badam ..
INR 90.00
Badam Burfi Special
Premium sweet with real almond flavour. ..
INR 125.00
Dough based sweet, similar to a donut, that is dipped in sugar syrup ..
INR 90.00
Bengali sweet made from milk whey, khova and dipped in sugar syrup ..
INR 17.00
Chum Chum
Khova based Bengali sweet dipped in sugar syrup and coated with coconut ..
INR 17.00
Horlicks Burfi
Flour based south India delicacy with a flavour of horlicks ..
INR 110.00
Khova based sweet in round shaped balls, dipped in sugar syrup ..
INR 20.00
Flour based sweet, deep fried into circular shapes and dipped in sugar syrup ..
INR 75.00
Kaju Burfi
Sweet made with whole cashew kernels and sweetened to perfection. ..
INR 175.00
Khova based sweet. Slightly different in texture and taste from the khova ..
INR 90.00
Ball shaped sweet cooked in ghee and sweetened with sugar ..
INR 90.00
Milk Peda
Milk sweet available in round shapes. Its a local favourite ..
INR 90.00
Pista Burfi
Khova based sweet flavoured with pastachio. ..
INR 90.00
Cheese based sweet dipped in sugar syrup ..
INR 20.00
Special Mysore Pak
Sweet made with gram flour,sugar and ghee. Karnataka's most popular sweet ..
INR 110.00
Sweet Sandwich
Cheese based sweet,dipped in sugar syrup, along with a khova filling and cherry topping ..
INR 17.00

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