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Jumbo Plain Bread
Plain Bread in double size and quantity ( 850gms +). Bread made specially for your entire family ..
INR 60.00
Jumbo Special Bread
Special Bread in double size and quantity ( 850gms +). Bread For the entire family ..
INR 80.00
Masala Bun
Masala Bun is made with enriched bread dough along with flavouring with Indian Spices. ..
INR 15.00
Pav Bun
Pav Bun - Buns specially made to compliment the pav bhaji, ..
INR 20.00
Plain Bread
Plain Bread, also called ordinary bread is a classic white bread. Low on sugar, most ideal to make s..
INR 30.00
Plain Bun
Plain Bun - Compliment your tea with our handrolled buns : Enriching Experienc   ..
INR 12.00
Sandwich Bread
Triangular shaped bread, The perfect sandwich Bread ..
INR 60.00
Special Bread
Special Bread is an Iyengar speciality, known for its sweet taste and milky fragrance. ..
INR 40.00
Special Bun
Special Bun - Made with enriched bread dough and rasins. ..
INR 15.00
Wheat Bread
Wheat Bread - Low Calorie Bread that contains some part of flour substituted with Wheat. ..
INR 40.00

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