About Us

Iyengars' Bakery has been serving its customers with yummy delightful cakes and bakery products since 1981. Our bread and cakes are a unique combination of traditional recipes handed down through the generations and new product innovations by the second generation. Pouring his warmth and joyous nature Mr. H R Sridhara (founder) a man from a small town in Hassan, has created a culture of serving quality bakery products with a definite mix of quality service. Now established as a trademark bakery, as many as 1000 customers visit it daily to savor the delights.

Remarkably the young turks of the family Lakshmeesha and Raman involve their youth vigour into the family business to match the changing needs of the people, now making possible easy online shopping. Lakshmeesha is passionate about baking and hits the oven frequently to create those tongue tackling yummy delights, the perfect delicacies for any occasion. Raman the master of sales brigade brings the bakery closer to those who love Quality and admire a good service. So get your tongues rolling Iyengars having served millions of customers for more than 30 Years is now all set to tickle your taste buds.

Iyengar's Highlights

  • One of the very few bakeries to have got a patent in its name.
  • Constant Quality and service improvement procedures.
  • Employees having more than 15+ years of experience.
  • Initiative to reduce the use of plastics and implementing the use of eco-friendly carry bags which earned a great deal of appreciation from its customers.
  • In the year 2006 the firm completed its 25th year celebrations and held a silver jubilee celebration which was inaugurated by former prime minister of India Mr. H.D Devegowda.
  • “Times of India” published an article about the firm and its achievements in the same year.

Iyengars' Bakery- People behind the Best

HR Sridhar (Founder)
Born on 4thaugust 1955, from a remote hamlet of Hassan district Mr H.R. Sridhara is an English Literature graduate on paper. But ask him about cakes and he will give you a warm delightful smile proving his passion for baking cakes. He picked up his interest while working for V.B Bakery as an accountant before starting the business. During the tenure as an accountant Sridhara also learnt the art of baking from MR Thirumalachar who was then a very famous entrepreneur and the founder of V.B Bakery.

In due course of time Sridhara developed his own methods and redefined the art of baking which truly identifies Iyengars Bakery what it is today. With the same enthusiasm carried along there is no doubt that Iyengars bakery will reach greater heights in the years to come.

Lakshmeesha ( In charge Technical and Back end Operations )
Lakshmeesha has been closely related to the bakery industry since childhood. He developed the interest while he was still a kid. A BE graduate in education Lakshmeesha sought to carry over the Iyengars tradition. He loves to innovate new tastes and that is truly what distinguishes Iyengars from other bakeries, a touch of surprise and true delight. As a technical man himself his efforts have been immense in steering the company into the tech savvy world of E-Commerce.

Raman (Front End Operations)
Being a part of the front end operations of Iyengars is a hectic job serving thousands of people who flock in daily, but his smile does not fade throughout the day. He is an MBA graduate and plays an essential role in making Iyengar’s products available online.

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